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Meaning of 55 Rs.

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This post is in continuation of the last post where Baba accepts Haji in His court after asking him 3 question and presenting him with basket of mangoes and taking out 55 coins from pocket one by one and giving it to the Haji .Here the details about the meaning of 55 is given . Those readers who have not read the first part can read the post by clicking here.First part of the post .

(I would like to add few lines about the picture that I have attached with this post.One Sai bhakt has done the above given picture and sent me through mail .I wish to share this with all as it rightly fits the content of the post .Thanks to the devotee who has created and sent this picture to upload and share with all .I am pasting the mail .

Dear Manisha

On this New Beginning, with Shri Saibaba's guidance, I just worked with images & named as Sai Gita or Bhagavad Sai Gita. Its not of wallpaper resolution. Still i request you, as part of my micro contribution to your Sai-Treasury, if you could include this image to any of your future postings. Thank you. Jai Sai Ram.)

Continuing the post .....

Sadguru Sai Baba gave Rs 55 to Haji Siddique Phalke,by which he may have conveyed the transient nature of this world or smasar.On the other hand.He may have conveyed the sara or gist of the Vedas.

Shri Krishna while giving Updesh to Arjuna from the Bhagwada Gita says ,"This world or universe is like the Ashwatha Vriksha .Whose roots are on top ,and branches are down. This Vriksha is everlasting .The Vedas are the leaves.One who knows this knows the Vedas”.

The entire Universe is compared to Ashwatha Vriksha(tree), although this tree does not yield any flower or fruit, yet is compared to the universe.Why? Because it represents and reflects all the characteristics of the universe, the body and life itself.

The very name”Ashwatha "indicates the transient existence of this worldly life. Every fraction of the second is not constant, and is changing .The word possibly comes from “Ashwa” or the horse .The horse is vivacious and restless by nature. If one adds all the digits from 1-10 it is equal to fifty five. The meaning of ‘Aswatha’ is as follows:

1. Moola Prakruthi of this Vriksha of the world is the Parabhrama or supernatural power. The Ashwath tree has the two varieties of fruits-

a.)Fruit of Eha or Pravithi Marga or Path of materialistic life.

b.)Fruit of Par or Nivrithi Marg or Path of spirituality and of self –realization. The Ashwath tree was 3 branches of the roots or the 3 Gunas,namely –Satva,Rajas,And Tamas.

2. Four varieties of tastes in the two fruits namely Dharma ,Aartha,Kama and Moksha .

3. Five branches of the roots from top to bottom namely –Shabdha,Sparsha,Roopa,Rasa,Gandha.

4. Sub branches of the ariel roots or the six stages of life cycle that is the Bhava Vikras namely –
a.)The foetal stage
b.)Taking birth
d.)Maturity (from infancy to Youvanavastha)
e) Deterioration

5. Seven layers of the bark of the tree. These represent the tissues that makes the body .Namely the color of the skin, and the skin itself, the muscles, blood in the blood vessels, the bone marrow, fat and adipose tissue and the skeletal system.

6. The eight branches and the twigs (Non –Ariel)

a.)God and Goddess.
g) Animals and Birds
h.)Trees, plants and creepers
i.)The nine holes of the tree represent the orifices of the body.
j.)10 leaves comprising of 5 Jnanindriyas and 5 Karmendriyas.
Jai Sai Ram .
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