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Baba spoke to me from His Tomb-Sai Devotee Rasalatha's experience.

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Dear readers,
Wish you a very happy Baba’s day .May Baba bless and guide each one of us and make us worthy of His blessing.
Agyani like me can only keep writing the same lines in praise of Lord Sainath ,words fail to come out to glorify His divinity and His love for His children .I just remember one line from Bible. “Glory to God is displayed through His mighty actions.Glorious and majestic is his deeds, and his righteousness endures forever.”

Please read below beautiful experience shared by Sister Rasalatha leela. Jai Sai Ram .

It was in the ‘80’s my father had a very massive heart attack and he was given 48hrs time by the cardiologists, but by the grace of God he came out of the danger. Following this ailment in ‘90’s. He had blockage in his valves and the doctors advised him to go for Bypass surgery. We had lot of financial and emotional set backs at that time. Just then my dad came to now about Sathya Saibaba hospitals, providing free medical services.

When he approached them for help they advised him to go to Puttaparthi as the specialists will be available there. Infact, until then my father never used to even prostrate before God and was never interested in any activities related to God. On the other hand my mom was very sincere in performing her fasting and pooja. After going to Puttaparthi my dad became very religious and it was very strange for us. I always used to wonder how come my dad changed so much he also brought photos of Sai Baba in which both the Babas were seen. That was when I first saw my Shirdi Sai, but frankly speaking I would just look at him with no devotion.

One fine morning, when I was in the backyard of my house I got to hear lovely bhajans. I enquired my mom she said.”Don’t you know a new Sai temple has been constructed, she started scolding me , everyday you take the same path to reach your bus stop and you don’t even notice this much.”

(I always had the passion to go to temples) but I never expected one there. Immediately I thought why not I go and see the temple. (I was doing my Masters degree and was also working in a Pvt. Co.,) I plucked some hibiscus flowers and took a piece of camphor and got ready. I went to the temple, it was about 8 .00 a.m. in the morning. I just entered the temple that was my first visit to Shirdi sai temple.

I saw my Sai. Enough I felt, Now I don’t need anything more in my life, just the very first sight of my Sai, satisfied all my senses, I felt so happy ,felt as if I had been longing for this glimpse and I got it. Words fail to express my joy. I just wanted to sit there and gaze at our Sai. I did not realize that Sai had already tied the strings to my legs and pulled me over there. I did not feel like even going to my office. From then I started visiting the temple to see my Sai everyday with red hibiscus flowers.

The days when there is abhishekam for Sai then I will settle down, not even worried about my office timings. It’s really a wonder that none of those days I had trouble in reaching my office. I used to get comfortable conveyance and was never questioned on those days by my manager.

Baba used to send me with lot of Prasad for all my colleagues and they would be so happy receiving it. If I am little late then they would know the reason. I became very curious to know about Sai and I did not know anything about Shri Sai Satcharitra. I did not even know whom to contact?

I came to know that my department manager himself was a sai devotee so I requested him to share Shri Sai Satcharitra with me for few days so that I will get chance to know about Sai, don’t know why , but he gave some reasons and did not have the intention to give me.

I was little upset. Within few days after this incident on Thursday I got to know about a lovely person, I met her in the bus stop. She was very sweet and nice. I came to know that she was a Sai devotee and felt very happy to know about that.

With grace and guidance of Baba, I made use of the opportunity provided by Him and requested her for Shri Sai Satcharitra. She happily agreed with a condition to return the same at my earliest. She also added that Sai had blessed her in her dreams and this Sai Satcharitra is very special to her.

I felt very happy and fortunate to receive the book for reading. When I came home my mom started scolding me saying,” Sai Satcharitra is not a novel that you can read whenever you like, it is a very holy book like Bhagavad Gita and has to be treated with due respect.”

I was just craving to read no matter whatever comes in the way. I begged for pardon to Baba for my this unknown act. I used to even read without taking my bath, I did not do this act to show any disrespect to Sai Satcharitra, but I did not want to give any excuse to myself for any delay.

One early morning, I had the following blissful dream where I saw…” some pooja has been conducted in the Sai temple and devotees were dispersing after the pooja, I had been to the pooja with my family members and my aunt also accompanied us. Just five of us were waiting to exit just then our Sai stretched his right hand and pointed his index finger right towards me and said come here, I was shocked and wondering whether Sai is pointing on someone else and I started looking around.
Sai - you come here.

I -was trembling with fear and my legs failed to step forward, somehow I managed to reach Sai. I saw our eternal father with the radiant glow. (Sai was so graceful, He was glowing with his divinity, garlanded and surrounded by so many lovely flowers, Prasad and so on.. )

Sai said”- get me a box”, don’t think I am asking “yaasagam”-(requesting to someone for something) this word was very stern which I can never forget in my life.

Sai -”don’t show any pride while narrating this to others.”

I - nodded my head and was still standing there gazing at Sai,

Sai -asked me -what you want?

I said- Sai I want a flower blessed by you.

Sai said- All the flowers around me are blessed (showing His hand to the flowers around him). Take this one (pointing to a red hibiscus flower)I immediately picked up the flower. And got up from my dream.

I did not know whether all this happened in my dream or was it a real incident. I felt as if I was aloft. I did not know what box Sai is talking about? Whom to tell, who will trust me? I was totally confused, not knowing how to enjoy this blessing, but there was a strong instinct telling me to do a search on this dream.

I felt I should first rush to Sai. I hurried and went to see Sai, I was not having a word to say just tears were rolling down and I just stood in front of Sai, did not even realized the fact that the priest is standing in front of me with arati . He must have understood that I am just drowned in Sai’s nectar. He waited for other devotees to disperse and then asked me what happened; I did not know how to narrate?

Priest- don’t worry whatever it is I am ready to hear.

I said - Sai came in my dreams and narrated the whole dream to him. By then another Priest also came to us and listened to my dream.

They said “ since this is a new temple we just had one box to store the shawls of Sai, day by day the number of devotees coming here has increased and we have lot of shawls and no place to store so we thought of going to the near by shop to buy a box, but in vain we just found aristocrat suitcases whereas we are searching for trunk boxes(huge boxes made of aluminum sheets) half mindedly we picked up the suitcase and reached near the cash counter and finally decided not to buy and postponed the purchase for the week end, so that we will be able to go to the main shopping area where such boxes are sold.

Now Sai has come in your dream and had asked for the box. It means He wants it through you

Sairam, I freezed there. What a blessing! Am I qualified for all this? I did not know how to react to this, I did not know whether I should run back home and tell my parents or just sit there forever and look at the divine face and enjoy the bliss!!

By then the priest told me, this is not an unusual thing, this is one of the ways of Sai to sit in the heart of his chosen devotee. The word happy is not enough to describe the happiness I experienced on that day.

Then I told the priest - next week, I will get my salary, please tell me how much you need for the box?

The priest said,- Sai had asked you for the box so it is not right on our part to take any money from you so you better buy the kind of box you can.

I told my parents they said as per your wish we will wait for your salary and buy the box. We bought the trunk box and took it to Sai, my dad wanted my name to be on that, but I refused recalling Sai’s words, “not to show any pride “. Just not knowing how to thank my Sai for being so kind to me, I feel one of the ways to show my gratitude and devotion is to share the same with all my Sai devotees without any ego/pride as Sai advised and guide/help others as per the wish of Sai .

Whatever I am today is because of my Sai, at times I wonder in spite of experiencing such a supreme bliss well before my marriage how did I get into this materialistic life but Sai has his own plans for us. He works out each and every second of our life. He is the best planner. There is nothing I can regret in my life. From the time Sai entered into my life he started taking care of our family, He has taken all the pains and problems and setbacks caused due to our mistakes and has given a peaceful and contented life. He has made me to feel that there is nothing more I want in life. I am able to feel the eternal peace which many learned scholars and the richest people in the world are searching not knowing it can be attained only with the blessings of our beloved Sai.

Sai always says, “All those who help us /guide us in reaching our guru should be considered as real relatives.” Till date I am able to maintain good friendship with my friend who shared her Shri Sai Satcharitra and enabled me to experience this wonderful miracle. I bow to Sai and to all such people who helped me to reach my guru. There is a miracle related to the construction of this Bhairava Sai temple which I would narrate as per the wish of Sai.

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Anonymous said...

sai maharaj ki jai. very2 beautiful&heart touching experience.May sathguru sai always shower his blessing on you thanks.

Anonymous said...

Its really a heart touching experience. You are really blessed that Sai spoke to you. God bless all!!

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