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Wonderful relation .

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Dear readers,

Baba was omnipotent and knower of all the things.He never forced any devotee to worship him leaving his own guru as Baba knew that all the paths through various Guru's/saints lead to the same goal.

Though He never left Shirdi's boundaries in His whole life but He had perfect communication with all the great contemporary saints/guru's and many a times directed devotees to find refuge at their holy feet.Here is a beautiful incident which indicates this very well.

He hailed from a small village called Patgaon,near Rajapur .He was a follower of the Nav Nath(Shri Jaalander Sampradaya).Spiritually advanced ,he was famous in that region for his kind and loving nature.

Many a poor and downtrodden, he helped and set them on the “Bhakti Marg”.But most of all he was known for exorcising evil spirits. He and Baba were contemporaries, but had never met .Yet they knew, everything about each other.

There was a householder in Mumbai who was possessed by and evil spirit. This spirit tormented the man and made him very violent. So that he caused bodily harm to his relatives. The family tried various remedies, but to no avail .As the violence increased each day they restrained him by tying him with a rope. Under such circumstances they bought him to Shirdi.

Seeing him Baba said,"Arre he is possessed by a mighty demon .I don’t have a cure for him .Take him to Bala of Patgaon, and tell Dada Maharaj (alias-Bala Krishna Keshev Vaidya) that I have sent him ".Heeding Baba’s advice the family searched for Patgaon and took him there. It took them a full 15 days to reach there. On the day of there arrival ,Dada Maharaj told all his near and dear devotees that Baba was sending a violent mad person to him .The family had seen Dada before, and as Dada did not wear the sanyasin ochre robe they did not recognize him .But the householder recognized him and fell at his feet .

Dada kept the man with him for 8 days, and cured him of his demonic spirits. The householder left Patagaon in a calm and serene state of mind.

On one occasion some of his devotee went Patagaon for his darshan ,while leaving they decided to go Shirdi .Hearing this Dada Maharaj was filled with joy .Giving them a zari pheta he said," Give this cloth in Baba’s hand ,do namaskar,but do not say anything .”

Accordingly the devotees went to Shirdi took Baba’s darshan and placed the cloth in Baba’s hand .They stood aside with folded hands.On receiving the cloth Baba danced with joy saying ,” My Bala has sent me a zari dhoti .How nice of him .” Then he tied the pheta on his head and showed it to every bhakta that came to Dwarakamayi saying,”Look! My Bala has sent this lovely dhoti for me ". What a beautiful relation .Jai Sai Ram .

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