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Sai Baba blessed the only desire left.

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Dear Readers
We humans with constrained mind seldom thinks in time of distress or miseries that Baba is not listening to our prayers and taking no remedial action to pacify us.

But we forget that Baba is Sarvagya (knower of all things)He not only knows every incident that happens or bound to happen in human lives but also knows fate of every non-living and living creature, existing in billions, in this world.We cannot judge His infinite compassion and love.
We have read may incidents and experiences of Baba’s bhakta how Baba would run for their welfare and take care, here is one very mesmerizing incident .
When the readers will read they shall realize the power of Baba and shall come in term with Baba’s love for one and all.
In my yesterday’s post I had mentioned about Bapu Sahib Jog here is one more incident.

Baba loved and respected Tai Jog (Mrs Jog) very much. He lovingly called her Aaye(mother).She was devoted to Him, and made whatever prasad He wanted and looked after the devotees that He sent to stay with her great care.

One day when she took the breakfast prasad to the Dwarkamayi, Baba called her and said,"Aaye today a Buffalo will come to you .So make a lot of Puran poli's (A chapatti filled with cooked dal and jaggery and cardamoms).Top it with a lot of ghee (butter) and give it to the buffalo to eat."

Aaye readily agreed to do so. But she said "Baba I will surely make a whole lot of puran poli's with lot of ghee (butter). I will feed the buffalo, but where am I to go and search for this buffalo. And how am I going to recognize him?"

Baba replied,"Aaye why do you worry about this? As soon as you finish preparing the puran poli's the buffalo will come to your door.”

In dismay Aaye replied,"Baba the house that I live has two doors. Everyday a whole lot of Buffalo’s pass that way on their way to graze. Often they stop at my door for food that I may give." Baba explained, Aaye as soon as you have prepared the puran poli's and applied ghee this particular buffalo will come to the rear door and wait."

Satisfied with Baba's answer Aaye went home. With great care she made a lot of delicious Puran poli'e. Making sure that they were laden with ghee. It was about 12.30 when she went to the rare door and found the buffalo waiting.

She was surprised, but happy, that Baba's words were true .Than she returned with a whole lot of puran poli's and fed the buffalo. The buffalo ate all the poli's and than died right in front of her. Aaye was frightened, distraught and sad at the turn of events.

Aaye felt that she was responsible for the death of the buffalo .She went inside and carefully examined each and every ingredients that she had used, but could not find anything wrong .Her mind was in turmoil .She said,” I made the puran poli's with love, and happiness. Than how did this happen? Why did this buffalo die? Though I did not kill him, everyone will hold me responsible for the death .What will everyone think and say about me. I just followed Baba's orders. Who’s buffalo was it anyway? When the owner comes to know about this he will say I killed the buffalo.

If the owner asks for payment, how much must that buffalo have cost? What if he registers a complaint? What will be its outcome? Baba is the creator of this cosmos, I followed his instruction, and so if the outcome is bad he will forgive me for it".

Thinking like that she pacified herself.

She went to Baba and told him in detail what happened.Baba said,"Aaye do not be afraid. What happened is not bad it had to happen any way .That buffalo had only this desire left. Once that desired was satisfied he got free from that womb. Now he will get a good rebirth. Now you go home without fear .Don’t feel bad or sad as you have freed him a lower birth .When you have freed him the rebirth of a buffalo and given him chance for a better a birth than why should you be unhappy?”With these words Baba comforted her and she went home happily.

Dear readers while writing this I felt human mind is so fickle and restricted in thinking .When any calamity or any circumstances shake us we take refuge at the feet of our Sadguru.When we do not find solace or any respite immediately we come to the conclusion that Baba is not taking care of us and question HIM much more we have to undergo to come out of our sufferings?

But this incident reflects very strongly how Baba not only took care of the buffalo’s last wish but HE also made sure that he is freed from this lower birth to a better birth. Does not this directly speak of Baba’s love?
Humans who have the power to express and surrender to His holy feet ,question Him of his care and attention towards them, if their prayers are not answered well in time, but here thia incident indicated depth of Baba's love which is beyond human intellect and judgement where Baba takes care of a dumb animal who cannot speak or do anything ,what to talk about we humans?

With this incident we should definitely learn to strengthen our Shraddha on Baba and have Saburi in our testing times .Reading this incident about all pervasiveness of Baba one should try to completely surrender oneself at His Holy feet with an unquestionable mind and loving devoted heart .
Jai Sai Ram.

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