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Feeling His presence .

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Sairam dear readers,
Every happening in the world is controlled by God. But presence of God in every incidence can be experienced by a true devotee only.

The events seems to be small and very normal but when seen with the eyes of faith and devotion the omnipresence of the Almighty can be experienced .Here are some experiences of a devotee which illustrates this.

Sairam Manisha,

It is because of Baba's miraculous help to us, we are leading our lives. We are pulling on due to HIS grace.

A few years ago I decided to read Satcharitra for 7 days in the early hours of morning, after taking bath and before taking breakfast. Every day my wife used to wake me up. But one day she went out for a walk very early. On that day at the usual time, in my wife's absence,(since she was out for a walk,)I heard my wife's voice calling "EMANDI"(usual way of calling husband by wife in Andhara Pradesh) loudly.I got up to find she was not there. I looked around and felt as though it was BABA who woke me up for my Satcharitra recital .Had I got up late one can understand my Sai Satcharitra reading would have been interrupted and I would have felt guilty .

Another Sai incident ...
Recently my Sister and my Brother -in- law booked railway tickets to come to Bangalore by Shatabdi express. Since my Brother- in -law is a handicapped man, he always takes precaution to reach station early. He asked the Call taxi to come very early, but it arrived half hour late to pick them to station. Still they could make it since there was 1 hr time left for the train.

But that day due to heavy traffic at Chennai, there was a traffic jam just 300 mts away from station. They were stranded and worried how they shall cover up the time as I have mentioned he could not walk fast as he is a handicap. Only 10 minutes were left for the train to start,not only he had to reach on time ,he had to look for a wheel chair and cooli, go all the way to platform and board the train . Not a easy and quick task ! But he pulled on with name of Sai .

My sister, who is a Sai devotee prayed Baba consistently during the time they were in the taxi.

Finally they reached station and 5 minutes to go for the train to depart.They hurriedly engaged a cooli and trolley to carry luggage. My Brother in law sat on that trolly.Coolies hurried to platform. But the man at the gate through which they have to pass, locked it on his usual time. They did not knew that it would be locked at that time?They could not take another gate as it was at quite a distance, and since there was left only 3 minutes they could not go at any cost any where else . Nothing could be done but to look helplessly at the gate man and pray to Baba heart of heart .

They requested but the man at the gate said” no we can not open, that fellow locked and gone.” My sister was in prayer all the time to Baba, desperately.

2 minutes were left. They kept on pleading the man at the gate. Suddenly ,they do not know what prompted that man, who was telling he does not have the key,took out key from his pocket,opend the lock and let them come in, to the platform. Strange yet true.

They rushed to the train and fortunately the Guard was visible, and they requested him to stop train till they get into their coach. He obliged (Baba's grace alone here )and many on lookers helped them to get in. They got in and the train started.

This may look like a normal incident happening to so many people everytime but for them it was miracle of BABA and nothing else .

Without HIS grace they cannot pull on in life. They could travel that day only due to the grace of BABA .Koti Koti pranam to Our Sai deva.

Manisha ji this is in continuation to my earlier mail another Baba's incident .

This was what happened on this 27th, Thursday.-----

A few days back, I happened to come to know about a BABA temple situated in Roopen Agrahara,Bangalore,while browsing.

I wanted to go there on Thursday very early morning preferably around 6 Am , to avoid traffic, and to make car available to my son for him to go to office. I was fast asleep. At around 5-45 a.m, I heard the voice of my son from another room, as if he got an electric shock.

I woke up for a minute with the voice , I ignored it knowing that there is no chance for it. But than ofcourse I could not resist getting up. I got up, went to his room and found him sleeping nicely. I looked it was 6 AM.

I got ready and went to the temple. I felt it was BABA who woke me up and pulled me to HIM.
About the temple: It was constructed by one lady named Sivamma,later named by BABA as Thayamma.She was a devotee of BABA from the age of 15 and spent her time in SHIRDI serving and praying BABA.She lived 105 years. She was born in 1889 and had moksha in 1994.She was asked by BABA to go to this place in Bangalore and stay there. She was originally from Coimbattore in Tamilnadu.Her Samadhi is also there in the temple.

I wish to add this info also in your Blog.

He is taking us through this assignment. He is the assigner and He is the force enabling us to completer our assignment in this life period. We can not do anything except being a tool, and wait for the next assignment.
Thanks & Regards
Rama Rao

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