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Sai conquers over death.

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Asking for material benefit is ephemeral, asking for HIM is for EVER.We all must ask for HIS Grace, we must always seek for HIS Company, and we must always crave for HIM and nothing else. All terrestrial things will vanish with time but one thing that shall always remain with us is our Sai.

Here is a hair raising experience of a Sai devotee and how Baba saved her .It reflects strong faith on Sai who conquered over death . When Sai is with us nothing is impossible. This post is in a letter format written by Hon .V.S Ratanjankar from A.P which I am putting below, please read.

Ratanjankar says "There are many Sai miracles, of those many Sai miracles one is that of Late Smt. Malanbai, my maternal cousin. She was suffering from fever for a long time, which ultimately turned to be TB. Many doctors and medicines were tried, but to no avail. In the end, we started giving her Baba’s Udi along with the medicines. Fed up of her illness, Malanbai kept saying, ‘Take me for Baba’s Darshan. Only then I will be cured.’

But, she was so weak that she could barely sit. Traveling would have been dangerous. In the end, the doctors relented and gave her permission to go, thinking there could be some psychological benefit. She was taken to Shirdi accompanied by 2-3 other people.

As soon as Baba saw her, He started hurling abuses and said, ‘Let her lie on a blanket. Give her only water from the Matka (clay pot) to drink.’ She lay there for 7-8 days surviving only on water, but kept repeating that only Baba would cure her.

7-8 days later, even though it was past Baba’s time to get up, He did not. People who had gone for Kakad Aarati waited patiently, but kept wondering, why Baba was not getting up.

On the other hand, Malanbai passed away and some of her relatives started making the funeral arrangements. Her mother and mine sat next to Malanbai in grief. Sathekaka (a devotee) tried to comfort them. Suddenly, Malanbai moved, yawned and opened her eyes.
She looked quite terrified and looked all around. A wave of happiness spread among the people around her and they listened as she narrated her story. ‘A black man was taking me with him, when I cried for Baba’s help. Baba came and beat up the man with His baton (‘Sota’), saved me from his clutches and took me inside the Chavdi.’ She described the Chavdi without ever having been there.

While there in the Chavdi, people were discussing, why Baba was yet asleep, when suddenly Baba woke up pounding His baton (‘Sota’) and ran to the place, where the girl was staying (Dixit’s Wada). People followed Him and met those who were coming to report the girl’s miraculous coming to life. Thus Baba proved how He saved His devotees even from death.

The faith of Malanbai won and Baba conquered her death by giving her life again .

Another very interesting incident is with Das Ganu. Baba used to address him as "Ganya". Dasganu used to perform "Kirtans" through which he used to impress upon people the Leela's of Baba and also use to spread his message to the masses.
In one of his stay in Shirdi Das Ganu was called by a near by villager to perform his kirtan .When Das Ganu would be in Shirdi he shall take Baba's blessing and than go for Kirtan otherwise he had a practice of keeping Baba's photo on a stool and after garlanding it he would begin his performance.
So Das Ganu went to Baba in the afternoon to take his permission so that he can leave in evening ,Baba gave him his blessing and told him to take bhau (Ramchandra Tarkhad )with him .

Dasganu said that he has no objection in taking, but said since bhau lights lamp in Dwarkamayi in the evening he does not like to deprive him of his ritual. Hearing this Baba said that he need not worry and insisted in taking bhau with him. Both Dasganu and bhau understood that this is rather Baba's order. Then as per the agreed time they left in the evening for that village which was around 7 to 8 km away.
In those days transportation facilities were not very good so they had to go walking .When they reached the village it was almost sunset. They unfolded the mats on the ground, kept Baba's photograph on stool and garlanded the same. They lighted the Petromax lamps and hung at Four corners. Villagers had gathered and Dasganu began his Kirtan. After about an hour when night had already set in they encountered trouble.

Around 7 to 8 people who were very dark complexioned possible from Bhill tribe came over there. They were carrying a dead body over their shoulders and were on the way to cemetery to perform the last rights. Their leader straight came to Dasganu Maharaj and threatened him.
He inquired about the Photograph on the stool ,Dasganu explained politely stating that the photograph is of SaiBaba who is at Shirdi and he worships him as his Guru as well as his Deity.
He went on to state that SaiBaba gives medicines to poor people and relieves them from their agony. He is performing the Kirtan, which will bring happiness to the villagers.
Then that Bhill leader told his people to keep the bier down and he addressed to Dasganu stating that if his Deity is mighty, then it should be possible for the Deity to bring back life into that dead body. He challenged him to do so otherwise he would kill him and his troupe. Dasganu was very scared and he approached bhau seeking for his advice.

Bhau had realized that this could be probably Baba's creation and they should plead to him only and invoke his mercy to come to their rescue. He suggested to Dasganu to perform his famous Kirtan "SAI RAHAM NAZAR KARNA BACHHON KA PALAN KARANA"
and leave it to Sai to decide the rest.
Then Dasganu began his popular Kirtan and he got so much engrossed in it that bhau had never seen him in that state ever before. He was literally dancing and all the villagers were positively responding to him. Bhau was rather keeping a watch on that dead body.
About an hour must have passed and something unprecedented happened. The life had returned to the dead body. It broke open all the strings tied around him and sat on the bier and started clapping and joined the Kirtan along with the rest.
Bhau was overjoyed to see that He got up from his place and went to Dasganu who was no more himself because he was in a trance. Bhau caught him with his both hands and told him to stop the Kirtan Baba had saved them from fear of loosing their own lives. The Kirtan stopped. Those Bhills got up. They helped that dead body (which was no more dead then) to stand on its own feet. They told him to bow to Dasganu and then made all detailed inquiry about Baba and promised to visit Shirdi for his Darshan.

Next day when Dasganu and bhau went to Dwarkamai Baba said "Hey Ganya !good that my Bhau was there with you yesterday, otherwise who would have saved you from the wrath of the Bhills?" and hearing this both of them told Baba that it was all his creation and they are totally dependant on him in situations like that and he should continue to shower his mercy and blessings upon them.

This again reflects Bhau's strong faith on Baba and directly indicates us all that we must keep our strong faith on HIM and surrender to Him completely, nothing shall be wanting thereafter in our lives. Same is said in Sai Satcharitra "Sai Baba is always full of mercy. What is wanted on our part is whole-hearted devotion to Him. When a devotee has got firm faith and devotion, his wishes are soon fulfilled ".Jai Sai Ram.

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