Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sai Baba inspired this thought to me.

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Dear Readers
Wish you all a very Happy Baba's day and Happy Thursday.
I am getting mails asking me the logic and reason behind the picture that I had placed on the blog.Besides appreciation for my endeavor, there is a query as what made me choose peacock? I am touched by the accolade by the fellow devotees of the Banner and footer I have created by and I am happy to share my idea behind selecting the peacock.This idea is completely inspired by HIS grace and I cannot take any credit of making this banner or placing it in the blog .

I feel we all are like peacock with closed feather wandering in the jungle waiting for the rain to pour. It is the rains which stimulate the peacock to unwind his wings and then he dances in joy. Our closed feather represent our closed mind /intellect/ignorance to real truth and jungle is the illusionary world where we are all spell bound by its beauty and astrayed by its maize pathways. Our Sathguru Sai is the only savior .It is only his Kripa(rain) which can help to unwind our wings. It is the Sai kripa which helps us one to realize the unworthiness of the world.

Like a peacock who is waiting for the rain, we all are waiting for Sai Baba's special Kripa which shall pour on us like rain and shall realize us of our real existence and our duty's.

The header here represent the same, we are in search in this world with our closed mind is like a peacock with closed feather. I remember here what Baba said once to his Bhakta "Oh! Bhakta how I can give anything to anyone if they come to me like earthen pots whose face is downwards? If they are like closed pot how can they receive any thing?”

Similarly though we pray, we put efforts to reach our Guru, we do not reach HIM because for reaching Him we need only and only HIS special drishti/Guru Kripa.

In the footer I have shown Baba's Charan and peacock with open feather. This clearly indicates that after our quest only when the Guru showered his rain of Kripa we could open our feather of gyan and become one at the feet of Sathguru.Like a peacock who does not know his happiness and dances when it rains, we too His children, reach the heights of ecstasy when Guru Kripa pours in like rain on us and we spread our wings of gyan which is blessed by Guru.

Dear all I look upon myself as a peacock waiting for Baba’s grace every single minute and I dare not look at HIM but look only at HIS Feet ,where I always wish to remain and serve forever . At the feet of my Sathguru Sai .Jai Sai Ram Manisha

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