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Baba's omnipresence.

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Dear readers Sairam ,
Happy Thursday and Happy Baba's day to all,
Saibaba devotee sister Sangeeta has sent a Sai experience of her family from so many experienced by her and her family, which she has planned to send one by one.I feel there shall not be a single Baba's child who can deny that he has not felt Baba and HIS grace!!

The love and care Baba showers on his children is so clear and so effective that no one can go without getting it and experiencing it .Same happened with sister Sangeeta's case. And many of us shall agree that we too come across such situation where we cannot do anything but fold our hands in prayer and sit in front of Baba and He who is present everywhere does HIS Leela.

Here is the mail from Sister Sangeeta.

Sairam Manisha sis ,

It was way back in 1979, I was in Hong Kong ,I am ardent devotee of Sai Baba. My brother had gone on a business trip to Germany. Mom and Dad and I were at home in Hongkong.One day, when Dad was in the office, he received a call - it was my Brother saying that the Police were taking him into custody.

It was his first time, when he was traveling for business. He had his business visa and all the papers required so that there should have been no problem.

Immediately dad rang us at home and mom and we were very worried. In this situation one can imagine what can a family do from one part of world to other part ,similarly we did not know what to do?

A day and a half passed like this but somewhere in my heart of heart I knew and felt my faith was strong in BABA, I knew HE would save and get my brother out of this as he had not done any thing wrong. And slowly our worries started vanishing due our faith on Sai.

So all I did was I sat at home, in our temple, and kept on lighting one incense after the other, with my tears rolling down my eyes, talking to BABA, praying hard to save my brother from all the trouble he might be going while my Dad and Mom were in the office.

Dad in his private room had 2 Shirdi BABA statues on his desk. Dad too was worried, sitting in his office and was mediating on Baba and suddenly he heard a was Shirdi BABA .... Saying "Don’t worry your son is safe and sound" .. "soon you will hear from him..........".

And wonders of wonders...

IMMEDIATELY after few minutes, my Brother rang from Germany saying that some German clients of ours had got to him and spoken with the Police and resolved the matter.

Brother was now safe and sound.

Our prayer and complete surrender at HIS holy feet helped us come out of this situation where we could do nothing except worrying. Since everyone in the family surrendered to Baba HE took care of everything and we were relieved from all the trouble and anxiety.Jai Sai Nath Maharaj

This is one of HIS leelas showered upon this soul.
Every minute is HIS leela.........let us surrender totally to HIM!

Saab ka mallik Ek

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