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Another sparrow pulled by Sai Maharaj..

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Sadguru looks first to the qualifications of his disciples, and then gives them suitable instructions.

Many years down the memory lane,there is one more incident which is in our memory with respect to Shirdi Sai Baba and above mentioned lines.

As mentioned in one of my previous post ,how my mother has been made instrumental by Shri Sai Baba.

Spreading about HIM and making aware her friends,relative and unknown people about Shri Sai Maharaj,HIS life and HIS Divine presence.In this Sai ordained seva ,one more sparrow was pulled by Sri Sai Maharaj.

This happened when I must have been in grade 5 and my father was posted in Pune.My fathers posting in Pune was blessed by Maharaj Sai .We were very close to Shirdi and with HIS grace availed this divine opportunity by visiting and having Darshan of Shri Sai as many time as heart desired and Baba called.

Remembering and writing about those years I feel nostalgic and blessed ,how we would spend our whole day ,taking darshan,going around temple complex,sitting and resting inside the Samadhi temple and Dwarkamayi and as children playing inside the Samadhi temple (where Baba's big Idol and Samadhi is present)as per to our wish with no restriction and after getting tired ,sleep on the floor in the samadhi temple ,Dwarkamayi after a long day.

It was during those days in Pune when my Grandfather had come to stay with us and he was not in his good health .He was undergoing treatment .His health was deteriorating in spite of treatment and doctors were giving up hope .He wanted to return back to home town as he thought he will not recover and should spend his last days in the soil where he has ancestral home .My mother had full faith on Baba and did not let him go.My mother prayed to Baba that she would not let grandfather go with bad health and with sad heart.

She prayed"Baba he has come from so far with so much of hope to get good health ,than in your divine presence how can he go ? you have to bring his good health back ".With her dedicated seva to Grandfather she kept her Baba's prayer strong .

Mother beside taking him to hospital would give him udi with water and keep Baba's photo in his room,under his pillow and pray for his fast recovery.My grandfather was a religious person and without any iota of doubt started his prayer to Shirdi Sai Baba and did daily pranam to His photograph.

Visiting local Sai temple,bringing Baba's prasad and applying Baba's udi was a daily routine which my mother would follow .Close friends would come to see him and inquire about his well being .

Following this routine my grandfather started improving.Friends were taken by surprise seeing his recovery .He was in pink of his health and doctor could not believe, who had given up hope on his recovery.

During this time our very good friend and neighbor was also noticing the development in grandfathers health ,all the time whenever they came to see him .

Our neighbors mother was also a very religious lady .When she learnt through my mom that it was pure grace of Shirdi Sai Baba in blessing my grandfather good health and reviving him ,she was interested to know more about Baba .Slowly she was totally devoted to Baba and requested my mom that next time she visits Shirdi she would like to go along with her .

My grandfather had recovered very well and was leading a perfect healthy life .It was during that time my mother was called by Baba.(I do not dare to write WE WENT OR WE DECIDED TO GO SHIRDI as I completely believe it is Baba who calls and not we human who decide to go!!)

It was decided to go by early morning bus to Shirdi and return the same day.Aunty prepared some sandwiches for the traveling and her daughter (my mothers friend was also to accompany them).

Now this is the most interesting part.

Aunty like my mom ,did not intend to eat anything till she reached Shirdi and had Baba's darshan.So they hurried up to start early morning but aunty's daughter was interested to have sandwiches ,when aunty stopped her .She tried to stop her by saying we are going to Baba's darbar why you are eating ?

To this aunty's daughter in very casual tone said"Aree is mein kya badi baat hai ...koi Baba waba ke hi to pass ja rahe hai koi mandir thode hi na ja rahe hai !!"(In English I translate "What is the big issue ? We are just going to any Baba ..we are not going to any temple!!")

And she took her sandwich .

After reaching Shirdi they had good darshan of Baba ,aunty was very touched by Baba's darshan and her devotion was in full bloom ,cannot say of what was going on in the mind of her daughter !! As Shirdi was not so well developed and organized as it is now a days with shops and other pomp show ,she was noticing dwarkamyi and other places which looked old and not very attractive to her .(This is what one could notice from reading her face and expression ).

Any how the time was to leave for Pune, before leaving they all went to washroom to refresh .It was during that time a very big bee or wasp stung her on the face and she could not bear the pain .She came out rushing to notice that it has swollen so big that her face looked huge.Her face was swollen to extreme and there was no respite.Somehow they left for Pune.Next 3 days she had to stay inside her home as she could not face people with such a big swollen face. She tried all medicine and ointment but nothing subsided or treated the bite .She was restless and did not know what to do ?

After two days my mom asked her to apply Baba's Udi and see for herself if she finds any relief .And withing no time she was feeling better .

Baba alone knows what communicated between the two of them !! And with in no time same aunty came to my mom and started to inquire about Shirdi Sai Baba and wanted to know everything about Him and how to pray to Him . I do not want to analyze and pin point as readers are wise enough to understand the leela Baba played and how everything became a reason to pull His another sparrow .

And thus another sparrow was pulled by Baba.

Since then their entire life is being driven by Baba.As the time progressed their faith on Baba also increased and all the doubts faded away.Now all the decision of their life are guided only by Baba's wish. Every single decision is taken with HIS blessing .In the wedding card of their children it was Baba's picture and HIS blessing that were printed and seeking HIS blessing everything was organized.Everyone in their family is a Sai bhakt now .Aunty's had 4 more sister and they all became Baba's bhakt ,on uncle's side his kith and kin became Sai bhakt and in this way entire family along with their relatives were pulled by Baba in His darbar forever.

Sai Baba always encouraged good thoughts. One has to surrender completely to Him with love, and devotion, and than one shall see how, He helps ,blesses,protects and guides always.
Jai Sai Ram .

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Anonymous said...

Oh what an wonderful post....thanks manishaji...OM SAI RAM....Love You a Lot Saima....:):)

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