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What a great Mother you are ?

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For any failure, we shrug by saying "it happens what to do ?" and hardly realize the gravity of our responsibility.But if same happens with our Sai ma are we generous enough to let it go by this statement "it happens what to do ?".We will cry,blame and give all reason for not taking care of us (his children)and go to the extent saying why Sai Baba does not take care of us, what have we done wrong?But how many of us think where does our Ma go and shrug her responsibility!! Strange thought but this is how sometimes I feel.

Whenever I visit Shirdi or any Sai temple I see huge and huge crowd of devotees pouring in ,never ending line, never ending prayers and never ending complains ,all with something or other going on in their mind....

My mind wonders and think in day out Baba is listening ,hearing ,looking at his children crowded with their prayers and request when does he get rest? when do we spare him of some time to rest or be alone.Why our love to Him is not selfless,why can't we love HIM unconditionally ,without any other thought going on in our mind ,just to be there with HIM- with all our love JUST PURE LOVE and nothing JUST LIKE HE LOVE US.This is what I always feel.

When we desire something and we are blessed we become so elated that we think of HIM whole day and keep talking about HIM to every person we meet and sometime if we are in our gloomy day and nothing is going right we feel hopeless and on top of it try to find what could be the reason for Baba not taking care of us...selfish and totally self centered we become.

Strange my thoughts may sound to readers but many a time this thought becomes very prominent and this is how I think))) , but I know very well that HE is the Master,Sathguru ,Para Brahma ,Jagat Vidhata ,the wire puller of this earth -who is sole above- we humans, how can HE ever get tired of all this and be like US ??.

But looking at HIM ,sitting huge and looking with love and compassion towards HIS children he appears to me a human figure -a mother ,a Father who is sitting and taking care of his children and the thought of Human and GOD disappear and HE appears like my own mother and father.This is the closeness I feel when ever I am looking at HIM.

HE is so ONE with all of us that we hardly feel HE is separate than us.

When we fail in carrying our responsibility no matter because of what reason or are at wrong we shrug off with an excuse and are spared of serious offense but HE the GOD cannot be spared ,HE has to be vigilant and alert ,always ready to run for HIS children and take all their burden on HIMSELF .How many times do we realize that our ignorance is not worth a excuse and we get a escape but our mother Sai can never HE is 101% committed and responsible .Be it anything.One small incident here I narrate....

Baba rarely left Shirdi in his physical body.Sometimes he would go to Rahata or Nigog Neemagaon.There he would visit the home of Nana Saheb Dengle.Nana Saheb was affluent and owned vast acres of farm lands.Bapu Maali helped him with the working of the farm.Next to the pasture was a path that Baba used when he would come and go from Dengle's home.(Dengle's name has been mentioned in Sai Satcharitra chapter 10 he is the same person who brought, for Sai Baba, a wooden plank)

This leela took place during the monsoons.Bapu Maali,along with 10-15 people went to pasture to cut grass.Near the pasture there was a tamarind tree and next to it was a "kaut" (wood apple) tree .One of the female workers layed her child under the tamarind tree.The tree was huge and provided shade.Often people sat and had their lunch there.Making the child comfortable she proceeded to meow the grass.

A short while later there was a passing storm.It became gusty and torrent of rain fell.Everyone ran for cover and took shelter in an abandoned hut near by .The mother ran with the rest of the laborer's having forgotten that she had placed her child under the tree.After quite sometime she remembered her child.Panic stricken ,she ran crying loudly ,and calling the child's name.

At that time the rain had lessened a bit.

But there were puddles everywhere.She jumped over some and waded through the others to reach her child.Bapu along with some others laborer's ran after her.They reached the tamarind tree and what they saw sent waves of wonder over them .

Under the tree stood Baba who had the infant cradled in HIS arms.Recognizing the mother Baba shouted
,"Avo ..... !(an abuse)what a great mother you

?here take your baby ".

The mother took her child in her arms ,and looked at him in wonder.As the child was absolutely dry.She than looked around and saw rain pouring down through the branches of the tree.

Huge puddles were under the tree.Only Baba and her child were dry and Baba was standing on a small area of dry earth.Bapu Maali and the laborers looked carefully and saw the same thing .It downed on them that Baba had materialized there to save her baby.(where a real mother forgot ,had it not been Baba who saved the baby one can imagine what could have happened ? Could that mother ever forgive her carelessness in a rush to save her herself and forgot her own child.)This is how Our Sai is .Taking all the burden of HIS children .Blessed is that child whom Baba holded in HIS arms and protetcted.

The kaut tree died some years later .But the Tamarind tree still stands,for Baba sanctified it by standing underneath it.

Source:Sai Leela 1952

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madhu52 on October 3, 2013 at 4:03 AM said...

babamy children landed safely with your blessingssaimaa thank you

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