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I am connected with him for 7 centuries.

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Dear Sai readers
Continuing with the write up on importance of Baba's photo ,here is another ankit child of Baba Shri R.B Purandhare whom Baba blessed his photograph.Not only photo but he was very dear to Baba and was very well taken care by Baba.Few incidences from the life of this devotee I am writing below.

"I am connected with him for 7 centuries .I will never forget him even if he is far away,"said Baba to his mother on the very first visit to Shirdi in 1909.

Baba also asked him to build his very own house.Purandhare was rather poor and earned Twenty five rupees per month.Beside he had a large family to take care of."Do not take a single pie from anyone ," said Baba.

At first Purandhare dilly-dallied over it and whenever he met Baba,Baba asked him about the progress of the house.When he had no progress to report about.Baba abused him and threw stones at him for the delay.Dixit and Chandorkar offered to build the house for him,this enraged Baba even more.
Purandhare then got a loan of 5,000 rupees from his office and brought a plot of land in Bandra.

At that time it was a marshland and was deserted.

"I am here to look after you and your wife day and night,"said Baba.It took 3 years for him to build and occupiy the house.Now it is a multi storeyed building and his grandson live there.

Around 1909,Purandhare's wife had a severe attack of cholera .The diarrhoea and vomiting was relentless and the doctors gave up hope of her survival.He gave Baba's udi and tirth to her and went out of his house.He saw Baba standing at the side of this Datta mandir. "Give her UDI and Tirth",he said and disappeared.He again gave her the UDI and the Tirth and with in half an hour she started getting better and recovered.This is the picture of Datta temple.
Baba always took 2 Rs as dakshina from Purandhare.Curious about this,he asked Baba why the denomination '2'."I do not care for the monetary value of the money ",replied Baba ."But I want to stress shraddha and saburi,so I asked of only '2'".Often times Baba gave Purandhare money that he carefully preserved in his place of worship and so did his son .

But what about the furure generation?
They may or may not know its value,so his grandson took all the silver coins to a goldsmith and got a silver statue of Baba made.He figured that the idol would be taken care off.This silver idol is worshipped daily.And given here is the picture of the same Silver Idol.
Baba gave many of his devotees money and photographs himself.To some he gave books and asked them to read ,and meditate on them .He gave Purandhare his photograph who venerated it and prayed to it daily.
Often times when he was in trouble he would sit infront of the photograph and cry his heart out and Baba would appear imediately and comfort him. This is the photo attached here which is in Purandhares house.

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