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Experience of my father with Divine eyes .

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Dear readers,
Happy Guruwar,Happy Dussera ,Happy Shirdi Sai Baba Day to one and all.What a beautiful and auspicious day.A Baba's day,a Thursday,Number 9 in the date,90th Baba's Punyatithi.What a combination !What a great day!! Sai Bless All.

I had written in my previous post how my mother was chosen by Shri Sai Maharaj, my father could not remain away from the Divine blessing of Shri Sai. In one of my early post, I had mentioned how my father witnessed HIS presence even before he knew anything about Sai Baba or even seen his Picture.

Only after Baba came in our home as a picture that my father could recollect that the fakir he met was no one else but the same person whom he was seeing in the photo.

Experience of my father goes back to that day when my mother bought the picture and placed it in the center of the temple.

My father is an ardent bhakt of Durga ma. He has experienced Her divine blessing every time in HIS life and HER protecting hand was on him at each and every step of his life. Worshiping Kali / Durga ma- Hindu deities from his childhood he had never ever thought anything beyond these prominent Hindi devi- devta then how he would ever see a photo or picture of fakir/Baba/or saint in his own Home?

Being in armed force he was a busy person, he used to quickly perform his morning pooja and leave for his office.

The day my mother placed the photo of Sai Baba in the center of the temple He noticed it in hurry .
In that short pooja he noticed a big picture well placed in the center of the temple.

He became curious .He went near and had a close look at the picture. He could not understand who HE was and what was he doing in his temple at home? My father kept looking at the picture as if he has seen it before and had apprehensions of the person whom he was looking at. He was not able to understand his identity nor could he think from where did He come?

At times he would feel he is Muslim fakir, at times he would feel he is some guru and some time the power of the look made Him feel HE is above all this. To make sure who he was he went closer to the photo and looked deep into the eye of the photo .(But when now my father recollects after so many years he says he did not went near the photo but those deep eyes pulled him closer ).

He was totally hypnotized and perplexed. In confused state of mind he was staring at the photo and was not able to break the contact that had formed .However hard he tried, his eyes were locked with those two powerful eyes. And there was no sense of time.

This kept going on till my mother came to the room and saw my father looking at the photo totally unaware of her coming to the room.

She quietly mentioned about His identity and said He is a great saint of Shirdi .With her voice my father was back to His normal state. He immediately asked her again about Him. Where did you get this photo? Is he a saint, Fakir Hindu, Muslim what?How he has come here in this temple?How she can bring anyone's picture and keep it in the temple? So many questions poured in. At that time my mother also did not know much about Baba except the power she had felt and could not answer to everything .She could only say that He is a great Saint of Shirdi.

From the minute he had eye contact with Sai my father became restless and he could not control himself from looking over and over again at the photo especially the glaze of eye in the photo took all his attention. The appearance of the old man in white captivated all his senses and locked his eye with his own eye.

As he tells now he says he felt strongly some where he had seen him ? Where he could not recollect. The restlessness and curiosity to know Him grew so strong that there was nothing except the eye contact between the two.

While this was going on a small feeling of doubt crept in. He felt that His wife is innocent and may be she has been convinced by some one to keep this photo. He felt may be someone seeing her simplicity and innocence wants to pull her into different sect and religion. With this doubt he was looking at the photo.

Time passed by and he forgot what happened.

That day one of my mother’s cousin had also come to spend her day with her. After dinner my father went to sleep, he had a sound sleep for a short time and he got up all of sudden. He again tried to sleep back and went to sleep. During his sleep he suddenly felt a very intense pain in both his eye .He could not bear the pain .He felt someone is piercing his eye with a shooting glare of light. It resembled exactly like a welding light that we see in repair garages.

He could see the two eyes were coming near with strong glaze and piercing effect in his eye and he screamed with pain .These eye's were all over him and coming to and fro inside his own eye.He tried to open his eye but he could not open .My mother and her cousin were doing some work .It was almost 11.45 pm .

Hearing him they both rushed, my mother asked him to open his eye to see if something has gone in his eye? But he was not able to open .With lot of efforts when he opened his eye they were red and swollen .There was nothing inside, no hurt, no insect, and no sand particle .Just Nothing. Still he felt extereme pain and could see the two eyes hovering in his own eye.

He washed his eye and went out in cold air in garden to get some relief but to no result. They were burning, paining and those eyes were all inside. His eye's were all in tears,tears rolled down as though some tap was opened .They were not stopping.

When he mentioned this to my mother she rushed to the temple and took the ash of the agarbati as at that time she did not have any udi .She knew about UDI but did not have any.She understood to quite an extent what was going on and immediately prayed to the Fakir and asked forgiveness on behalf of her husband and to take care of him. Bringing that ash she made my father lie on the bed and applied the ash on His both eye and on his forehead and slowly whispered to chant the name of Sai .She said to my father” knowingly or unknowingly you have doubted a saint and his powers, if you think there is a iota of doubt in your thoughts about the saint than please ask for forgiveness and chant HIS name “.com

My father was convinced and he immediately realized that in the morning for a second this thought of doubt had flashed -about his identity and what he was doing in his house?He did not intend disrespect of the Saint but his curious mind was running for finding all possible answers to His identity and he built a doubt.

He immediately prayed and asked the saint that unknowingly, he doubted Him and that he has realized he is not a ordinary person and seeks his forgiveness. Chanting his name he went to deep sleep.

Next morning when he got up everything appeared like a dream. There was no sign of redness in his eye, there was no pain ,no sign of anything that would have happened a night before and it seemed he had very nice and sound sleep.

At that very moment my father recollects and says that it he felt it was the play of the fakir to induce faith in HIM (super energy) and strengthening the truthfulness of HIS presence even if he is not in physical body. My father feels with a doubting mind how could a house were the Supreme Lord chose to stay would be happy and blessed.

That day another sparrow was pulled at the Holy feet of the Lord never to look back and question who HE was.

After looking at the picture my father says he recollected soonthat the fakir who he met on Sunday morning was no one but Sai.He feels great to recollect and connect with the fact that atleast he is successful to recognize the fakir he met that day face to face with the picture at temple ,though he did not know who he was at that time but atleast got HIS grace personally.

After this incident,my father feels blessed that He experienced this play of Sai, as those eye he saw that night he says have engraved themselves in his heart, soul and life forever.And it has been so many years they are still focussed on HIM and HIS welfare which he can prominently feel in every step of his life.

May Baba always keep HIS Grace on our family.Jai Sai Ram.

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Anonymous said...

very nice experience...may baba always bless everyone with love peace and good sairam...

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