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Kashiram the Bhakt in Sai Chalisa

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While reading Sai chalisa to my children my boys asked me mummy who is Kashiram who got hurt? And I told them in just two lines that he was Baba's bhakt and for him Baba was worried. But when I finished pooja I realized I should have told them more and hence read the article about Kashiram .Like me there will be devotees who read Sai chalisa and come across the name of this bhakt of Baba but do not know much about him so instantly thought to put a post on Him.

When Baba came to Shirdi 3 dwellers of Shirdi ,Kashiram Simpi,Mahalsapati,and Appa Jagle had welcomed Baba on his (second time )coming to Shirdi.

When Baba started staying in Masjid it was Kashiram who supplied Baba with fire wood, tobacco,chilum and other provisions .Initially Baba used to wear kafani,cap and dhoti all in saffron color ,it was Kashiram who stitched green Kafani and green cap for Baba but after a period of time Baba changed his dress color from green to White and this attire was maintained same till the end.

Sai bhakt have read that Baba took dakshina on HIS own and there would be always reason behind.Kashiram would also give Baba money whenever Baba needed. But later he started placing all his money before Baba and would insist Baba to take and give back whatever he wished, but Baba never took complete money, he would keep only a paisa or two and return the rest to Kashiram.This was not liked and hurted him a lot especially when Baba took very little or did not take any money.

Reason behind this was normally a person who has the ability to give develops pride within him/her and such feeling is harmful in spiritual advancement. That is why Baba would not take at all or take very little. Whereas when Kashiram was in financial difficulties Baba would demand money from him continuously which he would feel difficult to arrange and this knocked out the false pride in him and from than this

His monetary situation started improving and his false pride disappearing .And there after Kashiram placed his body, soul and money in devotion of Baba.

Here is a incident where Baba saved Kashiram and this very incident is mentioned in Sai Chalisa .

Kashiram would go to different villages to set up his shop as he was in business of trading cloth .Once while he was returning from a village Naur riding on his horse, he was attacked by looters from Bhill community .They took his belongings with him with ease as Kashiram did not oppose them but he showed resistance in parting with a small packet .The dacoits felt that there is something valuable!!Where as it contained only sugar powder.(As to Shimpi Shri Janakidas a devout person living in Shirdi had said that "one must feed sugar to ants and from that day Kashiram kept sugar packet with him) .Kashiram kept it on precious advice of a pious person and hence decided " what may come he shall not let that packet go in hands of the dacoits"

During all this Kashiram noticed that there was a sword fallen of the hands of one dacoit and was lying near by him. He instantly without thinking anything picked it up and killed two of the dacoits, where as the third dacoit came from behind and hit him with the axe on his head .He lost his consciousness and fell down, thinking him dead the other dacoits fled from the place.

We know Baba would be disturbed if he knew HIS bhakt is in distress,the same thing happened here ,while Kashiram was fighting with dacoit ,Sai Baba was creating havoc in Shirdi.He was shouting abusing ,pushing devotees who came near him and Sai bhakt realized (who knew Baba well) that Baba;s bhakt is in danger and that is why Baba is disturbed and acting in this manner .Baba saved life of Kashiram as the dacoit was in many number with lot of weapons .

When Kashiram regained his senses he was being taken to hospital for which he refused and insisted to be taken to Shirdi, the greatest doctor .As Baba directed Shama of the medicines, he gave them to Kashiram and he regained his health with blessing of Baba.The Government honored Kashiram’s bravery by giving him a sword.
After a few years, on Chaitra Shuddha Ekadashi in Shake 1830 (English year 1908), Kashiram passed away.

Kashiram and Mhalsapathy were in constant company of Baba and they noticed the importance of Baba's brick but it never occurred to them to ask Baba more about the brick or its significance.

Those who have read Sai Satcharitra will know in chapter 44 mention of Brick is there.

Baba had this brick with him and he would not part with it, it was very special to Baba and with great affection and care he would keep it close to him like a constant companion. He would refer it as” her" and call it" life long companion" even though it was just a brick it was special to Baba.This brick was 1 foot long ,9 " wide and 3" thick and it was used by Baba to support his hand when he would be alone taking support on it (in her companion )and at other time Mhalsapati and Kashiram noticed Baba would sleep with it making her His pillow.Baba would spend hours together with this brick irrespective of his surroundings .

Seeing this even Mhalsapati and Kashiram knew its importance and they would worship her after performing "Mangal snan" and place it carefully against the pillar adjacent to dhuni ,and again in the night they would cover and wrap it with clean cloth and give the brick to Baba to use as pillow. One Sevakari Madhu Fasle used to keep dwarkamyi everyday by sweeping and he would carefully pick the brick which would be kept below the cupboard (near dhuni mai) and clean the place and carefully put it back .This cupboard had Baba's cloth kept in it and below this the brick would be kept hence it would be safe. One day while cleaning by accident it slipped and broke into two, madhu was frightened and he left the place quickly keeping the brick near dhuni mai.

After Baba returned from his daily round he asked Mhalsapathy to give him the brick, Mhalsapathy lifted and as it was already broken- one piece fell down, seeing this Baba started to cry like any human being and said “It’s not the brick but my fortune that is broken .She was my constant companion! Now that she has gone I too will leave.

Mhalsapathy tried a lot to console Baba and also said that he shall get it fixed by binding it with gold wire for which Baba said...” O! bhakt this was more valuable than any gold bricks, as my "Sangani "(companion) is broken I cannot remain here, and just after this incident there was fall in Baba's health and Baba took Samadhi just 5 days after this incident. (As mentioned in Sai leela Magazine).It would be appropriate to mention that it is noticed that Lord Vithal of Pandharpur stand on brick and our Sai Baba used it as his pillow.

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