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Strange conversation and activities of Baba with deep message.

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Dear readers,
How apt this title fits this post ,generally my way of narrating goes with the soul of the story ,the intention of my writing is to convey Baba's teaching and HIS Direct/indirect message, which sometimes a general reader like me or you in flow of reading surpass the real message and complete the book later to realize that we need another reading to understand it better .

Here I am writing those conversation of Baba which had deep meaning and a very important message for each one of us to remember as we go on with our daily life.

Das Ganu tells readers about that time when he was in contact with Baba, about Baba's talk and incident during that time.

Around 1989 Ganu had seen the plank (which is mentioned in Sai Satcharitra)suspended from ground at such a level that everyone would wonder how one would go up and get down without a help of ladder. Not only climbing or getting down but how one would swing himself up with so weak supporting thread that it was a enigma how they were holding the plank?? with burning lamps on the corner of the plank which would fall if one swings .It was a big curiosity among villagers to see how Baba would climb up and sleep on that plank??.

Seeing this even Das Ganu could not stop himself from going and watching Baba getting on plank and laying on it. Seeing this Baba got angry and drove him off and later broke the plank and threw it. Now devotees can analyze and assume what power Baba possessed which he never displayed or misused.Baba had all the eight Siddhis (powers) at His command. He never practiced nor craved for them. They came to Him naturally, as a result of His perfection

Another incident that Ganu tells is that Baba when alone would often during 1 p.m and 2 p.m in the mosque with a cloth screen in front of him will do something strange.

He would take out 10-15 coins of various values (anna and paisa of that time)and would rub them with his finger tips gently and constantly against their surface.(It is not clear whether Baba did this with or without saying any mantra!).But they had become so smooth that their surface had worn out. While rubbing with his fingers on the coins Baba would say lovingly “this is for Kaka, this is for Bapu,this is for Nana etc etc" ,and in between this if any one came or approached Baba would quickly put them all back in the pouch and hide them .

He was quite unambiguous.We cannot interpret it but it reflects Divine Form of Sai Baba, boundless, endless and undifferentiated,His life was, therefore, inscrutable, beyond the ken of our mind, beyond our intellect and speech .

Here Ganu tells another very interesting conversation of Baba .

Baba said Once” I was at Punthamba. I noticed there was struggle going on between two parties and seeing this I wondered why they are fighting? Near them I saw a pot which was full of coins and I noticed that was the cause of conflict between the two parties So I quietly moved up picked it up and quietly carried it away .And when they noticed that their wealth was gone they began to mourn and lament over the loss. while I saw all this ... I said(Baba said to himself)to myself:
"Who am I?
What is this wealth?
Whose is it?
What confu­sion and struggle for this?
The pot is mine and I am the pot's".

Here the message comes straight about the immaterial world and the way human gets entangled in its cobweb....

Another incident where Similarly Baba spoke like this.

Baba said "My mother was greatly rejoic­ing that she had got a son (i.e.,Baba- me).
And I was for my part wondering at her conduct!!
When did she beget me?
Was I begotten at all?
Have I not been already in existence?
Why is she rejoicing over thi

In one of his moods Baba would say pointing to Himself "I am the God"

"You see me. That is Sakshatkar. I am God".

Similar another incident I am giving here.

In Shirdi once somebody had prepared "Sira" (it is a sweet porridge), that time Baba asked Ganu if he had been given 'Sira'.
Ganu said that he was not in good terms with (that person) X...and that is the reason he has not been given 'Sira'.

Over this Baba then gave Ganu very beautiful instruction.

Baba said:” Do not say of anyone that he is inimical".
Who is whose enemy?
Do not entertain any ill feelings towards anyone.
All are one and the same".

What a deep message ,just like in chapter 18-19 of Sai Satchritra where Baba instructs and encourages good thoughts ,gives His teachings regarding Self-improvement, and not to slander anyone ..

If we imbibe this lesson of Baba and believe that God pervades everything there will never be any difference and low feeling for anyone .As Baba said ...Let anybody speak hundreds of things against you, do not resent by giving any bitter reply. If you always tolerate such things, you will certainly be happy and closer to me. And these are the nectar of words by Baba for all of us which we should collect and imbibe in our life, which shall make our path easier to our Sai.

I like to read these lines over and over again and hence I would like to conclude this post with prayer of Hemadpant which he has written in Sai Satcharitra .It very well goes with all the message that we have read above.

"Oh Sai Sad-guru, the wish fulfilling tree of the Bhaktas, Let us never forget and lose sight of Your Feet; we have been troubled with the ins and outs (births and deaths) in this samsar; now free us from this cycle of births and deaths. Restrain us from the outgoing of our senses to their objects and introvert us and bring us face to face with the Atma (Self). As long as this outgoing tendency of the senses and the mind is not checked, there is no prospect of self-realisation. Neither son, nor wife nor friend will be of any use in the end.

It is only You, Who will give us salvation and happiness. Destroy completely our tendency for discussions and other evil matters, let out tongue get a passion for chanting Your name. Drive out our thoughts, good or otherwise and make us forget our bodies and houses, and do away with our egoism. Make us ever remember Your name and forget all other things.

Remove the restlessness of our mind, and make it steady and calm. If you just clasp us, the darkness of night of our ignorance will vanish and we shall live happily in Your light. That You made us drink the nectar of Your Leelas and awakened us from our slumber is due to Your grace and our store of merits in past births

Jai Sai Ram.

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