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Jamner miracle in Oman.

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Dear Readers ...
Happy Independance to All.

Sitting in Dwarkamayi "Baba assured him that he need not worry, as everything would be provided for him. Then Baba asked Shama to write the well-known Arati composed by Madhav Adkar (Aarti and its translation of this is given in the blog ) and give a copy of it with Udi to Ramgirbuva to be delivered to Nanasaheb"

Read here the story in short to understand the following experience by Sai Bhakt Usha Kiran Ji .

One day Baba called me to him and gave me a packet of Udi and a copy of Baba's Arati. I had to go to Khandesh at the time. Baba directed me to go to Jamner and told me to deliver the Arati and Udi to Nanasaheb Chandorkar, at Jamner. I said to Baba that all I had was Rs. 2, and asked Him how that could take me by train from Kopergaon to Jalgaon and next by cart from Jalgaon to Jamner. Baba said,"God will give." That was Friday and I started at once. I reached Manmad at 7-30 p.m. and Jalgaon at 2-45 a.m. At that time plague regulations were enforced and I had much trouble. I was to discover what I should do to get to Jamner. At about 3 a.m. a peon in boots, turban and well equipped with other details of good dress came to me and took me to a tanga and drove me on. I was in terror. On the way at Bhaghoor, I took refreshments. We reached Jamner early in the morning and by the time I attended my call of nature the tanga and its driver had disappeared -Sai satcharitra chapter -33

What do we understand by this Jamner Miracle as given here and written in our sacred Sai Satcharitra ? Dear All ...When a devotee earnestly with full faith and devotion calls his lord (Our Sai ),the Lord makes it sure that HE is there where HE is being called .Ways,means and all reasons work out in favour of devotee as per to the divine plan of the Lord and in the end when everything goes well ...what do we say

Miracle! God's Blessing" God is hearing us ? Our prayers answered!!

But for what ? do we analyse why it was answered by all means in different situation and circumstances...???

Because we had called HIM sincerely with full heart and pure love for HIS Help and Lord is slave of His devotee as mentioned in Sai Satcharitra He came running with love for His Bhakt.

Baba said, ‘He who loves me most always sees me.’

I am the slave of my devotee. I love devotion. He who loves me most always sees me. He who withdraws his heart from the world and loves me is my true lover and he merges in me like a river in the sea.

Same thing happened with Shri Usha Kiran Gudur ji .Baba Reflecting His love by his bhakt ,making Believe over and over again that HE resides in Living and non living EVERYWEHERE..strengthening in us more and more reasons to think "HE IS THE COMPLETE DOER AND NOT A LEAF MOVES WITHOUT HIS WILL..except our SURRENDER TO HIS WILL Which Is the best sadhana of all sadhana."....I am putting the mail as written by Usha Kiran Ji .Please read here for more ....

Dear Manisha ji,


Thank you so much for posting the Udi which I have received yesterday ie 13th August. I have written my experience. Please go through.

After receiving mail from Manisha ji, I was waiting for the arrival of Udi by post. This Udi was very very important to me, as I had already mentioned, it confirmed the acceptance of my prayers to the Lord of Universe Shri Sai at Shirdi. In fact Manisha ji had posted the Udi on 31st of July. I was supposed to receive it by 7th of August. And I was really worried as it did not arrive in time. I called up Manisha ji informing her of the delay and requested her to send again, if I fail to receive it by 13th of August.

Here in Oman, some times the ordinary mail is mis delivered, and if the person who received it by mistake chooses to return it to the post office, then, It is either sent back to the sender or lost in the transit. I was feeling very sad as the mail did not turn up and losing Udi in the transit is not what I wished. I was feeling that Baba was not sending His blessings. (Here I was forgetting the blessings I received in a vision when Manisha ji's mail came informing of the posting of Udi.)

On Sunday ie 10th of August a flower placed on Baba's big photo had fallen down. I at once knew that Udi has come. But where is it??? I started going to the post office to check my post box thrice daily. On 13th noon, when I opened the post box, a cream colored envelope with the most precious Udi sent by my Sai sister Manisha ji was lying there... I could not believe.. what I saw.

Infact, it was delivered to the post box no. 992 and the person who received it returned it by writing on the envelope ' Try no. 942', where as 942 is my correct post box number. Now... what inspired him to write 942...,

why not 492 or 442?

If later was the case it would not have been delivered to my box at all. When I saw the consequences, my joy knew no bounds. It was Babas Leela only to strengthen my faith in him. When I called Manisha ji to inform, she, being such a pious and devoted lady.. was literally in tears and I was dumbstruck looking at her Bhakti.

I have attached
the picture of the received envelope.
We are all Baba's children and we should never forget that we are being Blessed in every moment, being in His care...

Jai Sairam

Usha Kiran

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Anonymous said...

dear manisha ,

when i read ur post abt the miracle experience i was deeply touched. and allthose who have bhakti in sai baba will defenetily have such pleasent expereinces.i have had mine. let lord sai ram bless everyone .
om sainathaya namah!!
arathi ghatikar, uae

Pooja Agarwal said...

It was such a bliss to read this post and strengthening our faith in baba even more.His ways are amazing...!

Om Sai Nathay Namah..
Pooja Agarwal

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