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My leg will be eaten away.

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Here in continuation with Saddhu bhaiya is a very interesting incident for readers .

Saddu Bhayya had three sons. The eldest was Ananda Rao, then Laxman Rao and Shankar Rao. Saddu Bhayya took samadhi in 1937. The photograph sent by Baba was in Bhamingaon unattended.

One day Laxman Rao got a vivid dream in which Baba said
" I came to your home through this photograph, and you have discarded Me. If you don't come and free Me within two days My leg will be eaten away".

Laxman Rao was shocked at this dream, but couldn't understand it. He went to the court as usual but was restless the whole day and could not do a jot of work.

That night he had the same dream.
In which Baba said "you have not heeded My warning, if you don't come and set Me free. My leg will be eaten away by termite (white ants)'-.

This dream terrified Laxman Rao the very next day he went to court and applied for leave. Hastily he went to the house in Bhamingaon. When he opened the door he was shocked to see that termite had eaten the wooden frame, and had just invaded the photograph below Baba’s big toe.

Laxman Rao At once he took down the photograph and cleaned it. Then he took the photograph to his home in Indore.

There he got it re cleaned and re-framed and kept it in his home. Daily puja was performed. Now Baba in that photograph is being tended to with tender loving care by Vanitha (Laxman's daughter).

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~श्री सच्चिदानंद सदगुरू श्री साईनाथ महाराज की जय~ श्री साई बाबा के ग्यारह वचन : १.जो शिरडी आएगा ,आपद दूर भगाएगा,२.चढ़े समाधी की सीढी पर ,पैर तले दुःख की पीढ़ी पर,३.त्याग शरीर चला जाऊंगा ,भक्त हेतु दौडा आऊंगा,४.मन में रखना द्रढ विश्वास, करे समाधी पुरी आस५.मुझे सदा ही जीवत जानो ,अनुभव करो सत्य पहचानो,,६.मेरी शरण आ खाली जाए, हो कोई तो मुझे बताये ७.जैसा भाव रहे जिस मनका, वैसा रूप हुआ मेरे मनका,,८.भार तुम्हारा मुझ पर होगा ,वचन न मेरा झूठा होगा ९ आ सहायता लो भरपूर, जो माँगा वो नही है दूर ,१०.मुझ में लीन वचन मन काया ,उसका ऋण न कभी चुकाया,११ .धन्य -धन्य व भक्त अनन्य ,मेरी शरण तज जिसे न अन्य~श्री सच्चिदानंद सदगुरू श्री साईनाथ महाराज की जय~
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