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Your and My Mother.

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In continuation to previous post here is a detail on Radhakrishna Ayi,her worth ,what Baba thought about her and how these three (Baba,Mr Rege and Ayi)had beautiful relation.

Mr Rege first went to Shirdi in Dec 1910 after he got a vision in which he saw Kula Devi Shanta Durga,Lord Vishnu and Sri Sai .Where Sri Vishnu said to Mr Rege that the 3of them are One.Hence Sai Baba would be his Saviour.When he first went to Shirdi Baba asked him to go to Radhakrishna Ayi whom Baba described as HIS Mother and Mr Rege's

Mr Rege's association with her- he owe his spiritual life to her – left no doubt in his mind that she was the Yoga Maya like the Yogini, who gave Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa his training in ‘Tantra’ Mother Ramakrishna, whom the master always referred to as Ramakrishni, was to Him an ideal of the Madhura Bhakti of the Gopis. All her belongings in the world were a durrie (cotton mat) a blanket, a pair of dhotis, Eknath Maharaja’s Bhagwat, abhangas of Sri Thukaram and a lota. She had an idol of Lord Krishna – she called it ‘Chahabi’ and occasional singing of Bhajans in which she would get unconscious in a deep trance.

In His letter Mr Rege describes the following incident:

Two months after mother passed away, I went to Shirdi and not knowing where I should stay, went straight to the Masjid. Baba told me to go to Dixit Wada. Sri Madhavrao Deshpande and many others came and offered a sort of condolence. ‘This should not have happened in Shirdi’, they said. I replied that I did not desire to discuss the matter. She was my mother and I said, even if she be in the wrong, I would remain quiet comforted by Lord Sri Krishna’s view in the Bhagavad Gita –

Api chet Suduracharo Bhajate mam Anany Bhak
Sadhu reva sa mantavyah samyag Vyavassito hi Sah. (Chapter 9-30).

(This means, “Even the most wicked, if he concentrates on or worship Me the Lord, then he must be deemed a sadhu or a good person”.)

While this talk was going on, a message came from the Masjid asking all sitting with me in the wada to come over. We went and Baba asked Sri Deshpande what they were talking about. Baba further asked what I had said, and when the information was given, the merciful Master said,
‘What do these fools know? She was your mother and mine. She wanted to be freed from her karma and you know I gave her my assurance. One night she came saying she would not wait and, lifting up my kupni, got in here (pointing to His Heart). You will see her here when you desire’.
My Divine mother is now merged in the Master.

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Anonymous said...

this is such a beautiful incident....baba i love u till death...
love u baba

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