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Everything of yours will become Gold.

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What a way Baba plays his leela !! This is the same Shirdi Sai babas painting/drawing/portrait M.Ramakrishna Rao made.But the story goes differently ....

An Ardent devotee of Baba Sri Chottu Bhaya Paralkar of Harda loved baba immensely, and Baba loved him intensely.He had come to Shirdi for babas darshan.Same time in
1914 an Artist named M. Ramakrishna Rao of Bombay also came to Shirdi he was completely enamored of Baba's luminous roop and made a sketch portrait of Baba on 7.6.1914.

Dixit, Kaka Mahajani and all those devotee who saw the drawing liked it a lot. But devotees knew that Baba would get extremely angry upon seeing it. Hence they decided to keep it in the Dwarakamai and covered it with a white cloth.

Fervently they hoped that when Baba would be in a good mood, they would show it Him. The Noon Arati was peaceful and Baba didn't get angry. After the Arati Baba was smiling, so Shama said "Deva this Artist has made a sketch drawing of You, we would like you to see it".

Before Shama could complete his sentence Baba roared
"Where is the photo? Bring it before Me. Why are they making My photo? Bring it at once".

The devotees meekly brought the portrait and placed it before Baba. Rolling His eyes He picked up His satka and lunged towards the portrait, and was about to strike it when He calmed down.

Shama asked "Deva what is to be done with the photo?" The devotees were standing transfixed and waiting. Baba looked in all four directions and at every devotee. Chottu Bhaya was standing next to Baba. Baba beckoned to him and softly said
"Take this photo home, everything of yours will become gold
". The drawing is 2 1/2 and 3 ½. . Chottu Bhayya took the drawing home and venerated it.This was Babas way of blessing His devotee .

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