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Baba speaks on State Of Being Bound(part-5).

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~श्री सच्चिदानंद सदगुरू श्री साईनाथ महाराज की जय~

*Dear readers please proceed for better understanding after you read part-1,part-2 ,part-3,part-4 this post shall be in parts *Sairam

Baba continued telling Nana…
It is Dharma of a lady to serve her husband and there is no other dharma so husband is God to her, she should have pure devotion at her husbands feet and lead the life in bliss. When husband gets annoyed wife should remain calm and polite, a lady who helps her husband in daily affairs is goddess of the house, and a lady who makes her husband suffers is a bad wife and not worthy of even talking .Ladies should not leave politeness, should not talk to male strangers in solitude and should not be alone even with her brother.

Baba continued….Woman’s body is prey to immorality hence one should be careful like a goat prey to a wolf, where the owner protects goats by fencing similar is the rule for woman, her body has to be fenced by the rule of religious vow, satisfy husbands worldly desire and should be alert about children by telling them good stories which enable them to follow the path of morality. She should not envy her –In-Laws, should lead an exemplary life and take religious vow if she wants and follow her husband’s instruction. If husband dies she should remain absolutely celibate throughout her life. Should not sleep in soft mattresses, not wear perfumes and should try to please the Lord by fasting on Ekadashi day, taking simple vegetarian diet.

She should listen to religious discourses, read holy books worship with devotion think about own religious upliftment,lead an ascetic life and refrain from diet which can inflame desires. These are the general principled that should be adopted by men and women.

The (Baddha Stithi) state of being bound by birth and death will be away if these principles are followed.

Baba said with caution …”Now listen to me carefully I am going to explain to you the properties of the state of being bound.”

Those who do not care for good or evil, one who does not respect the God, those who do not have good intentions are bound by cycle of birth –death. Those who talks bitterly, those who are crafty are great sinner and also Bound. Those who do not respect the holy, indulges in worldly affairs, do not think of worldly affairs, do not think of charity and is always arguing are also Bound.

Baba continued…”Oh Nana those who do not pay loan, praise themselves, slanders holy man and gentlemen are also Bound. Those who pretend to be Holy man but follows path of immorality, glorify oneself by slandering others ,creates enmity with his guru, betrays ones friends, do not believe in Vedas are also Bound. Also those who read holy books, recites good things, but cannot purify their heart such person cannot get absolution .These people go to Hell to suffer .

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~श्री सच्चिदानंद सदगुरू श्री साईनाथ महाराज की जय~ श्री साई बाबा के ग्यारह वचन : १.जो शिरडी आएगा ,आपद दूर भगाएगा,२.चढ़े समाधी की सीढी पर ,पैर तले दुःख की पीढ़ी पर,३.त्याग शरीर चला जाऊंगा ,भक्त हेतु दौडा आऊंगा,४.मन में रखना द्रढ विश्वास, करे समाधी पुरी आस५.मुझे सदा ही जीवत जानो ,अनुभव करो सत्य पहचानो,,६.मेरी शरण आ खाली जाए, हो कोई तो मुझे बताये ७.जैसा भाव रहे जिस मनका, वैसा रूप हुआ मेरे मनका,,८.भार तुम्हारा मुझ पर होगा ,वचन न मेरा झूठा होगा ९ आ सहायता लो भरपूर, जो माँगा वो नही है दूर ,१०.मुझ में लीन वचन मन काया ,उसका ऋण न कभी चुकाया,११ .धन्य -धन्य व भक्त अनन्य ,मेरी शरण तज जिसे न अन्य~श्री सच्चिदानंद सदगुरू श्री साईनाथ महाराज की जय~
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